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OCT 05, 2015 - Yahoo! News

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Post-apocalyptic 'beaver' thrived after dinosaurs died

An asteroid impact in Mexico compounded by colossal volcanism in India 66 million years ago had killed about three-quarters of Earth's species including the dinosaurs. Scientists on Monday announced the discovery in northwestern New Mexico's badlands of the fossil remains of Kimbetopsalis simmonsae, a plant-eating, rodent-like mammal boasting buck-toothed incisors like a beaver that lived just a few hundred thousand ...

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OCT 02, 2015 - Huffington Post

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Space Agencies Team Up Against Killer Asteroids

NASA and the European Space Agency are joining forces with other institutions to launch a program that will test their ability to pull off a major task: Prevent asteroids from hitting Earth.  Asteroids have been crashing into the Earth for billions of years and have been disastrous in the past, like when an asteroid ushered the extinction of the dinosaurs. And though we're ...

Tags: Space Agencies Team Up Against Killer Asteroids,  Asteroid Latest News

OCT 02, 2015 - New York Post

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Double catastrophe killed the dinos, study suggests

New research suggests that dinosaurs wiped out 66 million years ago by an asteroid or comet may have also faced another natural disaster during their demise. A study published in...

Tags: Double catastrophe killed the dinos, study suggests,  Asteroid Latest News

OCT 01, 2015 - The Guardian

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Asteroid that killed dinosaurs also intensified volcanic eruptions - study

Research on Deccan Traps in India reveals massive rise in lava flows around time of impact of Mexico’s Chicxulub crater 65m years ago, increasing the catastrophe for ecosystemsThe asteroid that slammed into Earth and ruined the day for the dinosaurs triggered a surge in volcanic eruptions that made the catastrophe even worse, researchers claim.Scientists analysed prehistoric lava flows in India ...

Tags: Asteroid that killed dinosaurs also intensified volcanic eruptions - study,  Asteroid Latest News

OCT 01, 2015 - The Economist

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Hi-de-Hi with Jeremy Corbyn

HOW they cheered, the Home Counties arts students and sociology lecturers, as Jeremy Corbyn rattled through the old left’s greatest hits. Ban the bomb, bash the banks, yah boo to the Tories…one more time for the cheap seats at the back! In his speech to its conference in Brighton, the Labour Party’s new leader denounced the unjust and the nasty. ...

Tags: Hi-de-Hi with Jeremy Corbyn,  Asteroid Latest News