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14 HOURS AGO - Slate

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The Self-Made Monster

Louis Bloom, the L.A. thief-turned-news-videographer played by a gaunt Jake Gyllenhaal in writer-director Dan Gilroy’s debut feature Nightcrawler, is one of those characters who’s somehow the wrong size for the movie that surrounds him. Or maybe it’s just that Lou is so uncomfortable in his own skin he wouldn’t seem at home in any movie. At once unctuous and maladroit, ...

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15 HOURS AGO - Slate

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A Difficult Woman

Like its heroine, Olive Kitteridge, the four-hour miniseries airing this Sunday and Monday on HBO, is quietly indomitable, more admirable than easily loveable, more likely to get under your skin than send a shock through your system. A decidedly not-warm wife, mother, and teacher, Olive (Frances McDormand) has a sharp tongue, a fast mind, a wicked temper, and a deep, ...

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OCT 30, 2014 - The Week

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More and more salamanders are dying from a skin-eating fungus

A skin-eating fungus that has already killed salamanders in Europe could soon make its way to North America, researchers say.Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans was first discovered in Europe in 2013, Reuters reports, and has killed salamanders in Belgium and the Netherlands. The fungus, which was spread by Chinese fire belly newts brought to Europe, invades the skin and causes ulcers. In a ...

Tags: More and more salamanders are dying from a skin-eating fungus,  Skin Latest News

OCT 29, 2014 - MSNBC

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Medical Experts Seek To Ban On-Campus Tanning

A new study reports an uptick in skin cancer rates among young people and that increased access to indoor tanning beds may be a factor. NBC's Erika Andrews has more.

Tags: Medical Experts Seek To Ban On-Campus Tanning,  Skin Latest News

OCT 29, 2014 - San Francisco Chronicle

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Paul: GOP must improve appeal in hard-hit cities

[...] he said Detroit still suffers economically and could benefit from legislation he's sponsoring calling for "economic freedom zones," which would drastically lower taxes in struggling cities and leave more than $1 billion in Detroit over 10 years. Paul said his economic ideas could be bipartisan, and he has Democratic support, including from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and New ...

Tags: Paul: GOP must improve appeal in hard-hit cities,  Skin Latest News