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FEB 27, 2015 - San Francisco Chronicle

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Obama pitches privacy bill, Democrats say it falls short

The draft bill, first obtained by The Associated Press, gives a nod to consumers fed up with how much of their private lives wind up in the hands of marketers. A year later, National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden revealed that the government had collected the phone records and digital communications of millions of citizens not suspected of a crime. ...

Tags: Obama pitches privacy bill, Democrats say it falls short,  Edward Snowden Latest News

FEB 26, 2015 - Slate

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The Snowdenites Are Winning

If the war on terror is a war of ideas—between, say, the forces of liberal democracy and militant Islamists hellbent on building a new caliphate—then so is the war over the war on terror. One side maintains that if Americans are to protect themselves against shadowy evildoers, they need to give their government wide authority to monitor the communications of ...

Tags: The Snowdenites Are Winning,  Edward Snowden Latest News

FEB 25, 2015 - Slate

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West Coast vs. East Coast

Since Edward Snowden blew the lid off of the National Security Agency’s broad range of bulk surveillance and hacking programs—including the NSA’s secretly tapping directly into Yahoo and Google’s private data links, and its use of a vast catalog of security vulnerabilities in a range of U.S. tech companies’ hardware and software products—relations between the feds on the East Coast ...

Tags: West Coast vs. East Coast,  Edward Snowden Latest News

FEB 22, 2015 - Boston Globe

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Greenwald Says Edward Snowden Is Watching Oscars

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who was in "CitizenFour" which is nominated for Best Documentary Feature based on CIA-whistleblower Edward Snowden attends the Oscars. Asked by Reuters if Snowden, who is living in exile, is watching from abroad, Greenwald replied "yeah, yeah he is."

Tags: Greenwald Says Edward Snowden Is Watching Oscars,  Edward Snowden Latest News

FEB 18, 2015 - Forbes

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Bits and Chips Beat Guns and Guards

I recently expressed the view that Edward Snowden had provided a great service to business. Whatever your views on his actions, one of their key impacts has been to raise the profile of cryptography. I can’t overemphasize the importance of this development, so I think it is worth digging down [...]

Tags: Bits and Chips Beat Guns and Guards,  Edward Snowden Latest News