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1 HOUR AGO - Washington Post

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Volokh Conspiracy: The Article I power in Zivotofsky v. Kerry

With oral arguments in the Jerusalem passport case next Monday, Prof. Jack Goldsmith argues today that Supreme Court should avoid the difficult questions of exclusive executive power in Zivotofsky v. Kerry by ruling that Congress lacks Art. I power to have passed the statute in the first place. I agree with him on the avoidance, but think the facts established in ...

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1 HOUR AGO - Roll Call

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Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee's Other Virtue | Commentary

When Benjamin C. Bradlee was a young reporter in 1950s Washington, the District was a Jim Crow town. Black journalists were discouraged from covering Congress and the White House until 1944 when Harry S. McAlpin broke the color line and was grudgingly accepted by peers. By 1947, a handful of black press journalists were credentialed by the congressional press galleries ...

Tags: Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee's Other Virtue | Commentary,  Congress Latest News

2 HOURS AGO - San Francisco Chronicle

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$400M in road projects delayed in Tenn.

(AP) — The uncertainty of federal funding has led Tennessee's highway director to delay road projects worth $400 million. Schroer says while Congress has approved enough funding to continue road projects through May, it hasn't completed a full six-year highway bill. "While these projects are only delayed and not canceled, they represent almost $400 million in transportation investments that could ...

Tags: $400M in road projects delayed in Tenn.,  Congress Latest News

3 HOURS AGO - The Economist

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Lexington: Flags over the Capitol

HIGH above Washington, hidden in the western lee of the Capitol’s dome, stands a clutch of mini-flagpoles. As an ugly, unhappy election grinds to a close, those flagstaffs suggest that Americans have not lost all faith in their democracy. The poles are used to supply members of the House of Representatives and the Senate with flags certified to have flown ...

Tags: Lexington: Flags over the Capitol,  Congress Latest News

3 HOURS AGO - The Economist

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Explaining run-offs: Not over yet

AMERICANS wearied by mid-term elections may suppose that November 4th, polling day, will bring blessed relief. Not so fast. With a Republican takeover of the Senate likely but not in the bag, one grisly scenario is that America will have to wait for a December 6th run-off election in Louisiana. Or, even worse, a run-off in Georgia on January 6th, ...

Tags: Explaining run-offs: Not over yet,  Congress Latest News