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13 HOURS AGO - Huffington Post

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Too Big to Search

The "search giant" Google is undergoing significant scrutiny now in Europe where their 90% (according StatCounter) market share of search activity has made them the target of antitrust prosecution. This action is driven by economic concerns, that this level of market hegemony is bad for the consumer and for business development, and is aligned with the usual thinking that competition ...

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17 HOURS AGO - TechRadar

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What factors are fuelling the rebirth of the PC?

IntroductionThey were once the apple of everyone's eye, but in recent years PCs have been experiencing a steady decline in the face of a slew of new form factors and the imperious silver march of Apple's iEverything. However, of late the initial spurts of a recovery have turned into a full-on rebirth fuelled by Microsoft's new OS plans, the thirst ...

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MAY 05, 2015 - ReadWriteWeb

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Facebook's Internet.org May Be A Poisoned Chalice

There is no free lunch, goes the saying. As it turns out, there is no free Internet, either.Facebook, to its credit, launched Internet.org to try to bring free Internet access to people in emerging economies who may not otherwise be able to afford it. Along the way, the company has made all sorts of compromises to ensure it can afford ...

Tags: Facebook's Internet.org May Be A Poisoned Chalice,  World Wide Web Latest News

MAY 04, 2015 - SlashGear

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Facebook gets serious about open internet for all

Those of you in the world wide web and abroad aiming to bring the internet to the whole world can now team up with Facebook if you do so wish. Internet.org, the Facebook-made internets services portal, is now a platform for developer to help in the aim to spread internet access across the entire planet. Three guidelines for participation have ...

Tags: Facebook gets serious about open internet for all,  World Wide Web Latest News

MAY 01, 2015 - BetaNews

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Mozilla strong-arming websites to drop HTTP

Mozilla plans to phase out HTTP support in Firefox, in a push to make browsing more secure. The organization wants websites to go all-in with HTTPS, revealing that it will leverage access to some of its browser's features and make proposals to The World Wide Web Consortium to get the ball rolling. Mozilla's move may be seen as a way ...

Tags: Mozilla strong-arming websites to drop HTTP,  World Wide Web Latest News