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OCT 23, 2014 - Social Media Today

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"But What Should I Tweet?" Said the Small Business Owner

As a business owner, by now you already know that using social media such as Twitter can give your website or brand a boost in search engine rankings. Indeed, according to some internet marketing experts, participating in social media is not optional but mandatory if you're serious about establishing your brand authority in the field. As a matter of fact, ...

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OCT 22, 2014 - SocialTimes.com

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Maybe Facebook Needs Satire Tags After All

Facebook has been testing satire tags for fake news sites like The Onion, prompting derision from the satirical news site itself. We previously wrote about how such a tag would take the fun out of the joke: The problem with tagging satire as satire is that it removes all the power from the joke. Hopefully, most people understand that satire ...

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OCT 22, 2014 - All Facebook

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#WakeUpSelfies to Invade Your Facebook News Feeds Like the Virtual Undead!

Warning! Zombies are continuing to dominate our popular culture. And, beyond The Walking Dead or Ebola chatter, the apocalypse has infected Facebook, as evidenced by recent images of your friends (and strangers) in barely reanimated states attacking your News Feeds.¬†Happy Halloween? Not quite. It’s another way you’re about to get tagged into participating in an event — and you’ll probably ...

Tags: #WakeUpSelfies to Invade Your Facebook News Feeds Like the Virtual Undead!,  Tagged Latest News

OCT 22, 2014 - TechRadar

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Review: Updated: Android 4.4 KitKat

IntroductionEveryone was expecting Key Lime Pie to serve as the delicious moniker for the next version of Android. Google surprised us all by bucking tradition and releasing Android 4.4 under the name KitKat.Version 4.0 started life as Ice Cream Sandwich, but the last three decimal additions came under the Jelly Bean banner. This new version was obviously deemed different enough ...

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OCT 21, 2014 - Popular Science

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Does Slacktivism Really Drive Science Forward?

Copper DK Images/Getty Images Social media has spawned the slacker-activist, someone who supports a cause through an audacious public display that actually requires very little effort. This summer, the #IceBucketChallenge clogged newsfeeds with videos of folks dumping ice water on their heads instead of (or often in addition to) donating to the ALS Association. In a single month, the nonprofit ...

Tags: Does Slacktivism Really Drive Science Forward?,  Tagged Latest News