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>> NSA Latest News

6 HOURS AGO - Wall Street Journal

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NSA Phone-Data Program Set for Legal Test

A panel of federal judges is the first appeals court to address the National Security Agency's controversial program amid efforts by Congress to rein it in.

Tags: NSA Phone-Data Program Set for Legal Test,  Nsa Latest News

14 HOURS AGO - Yahoo! News

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Turkey summons US envoy over Snowden spying claims

Turkey on Monday said it had summoned the US charge d'affaires in Ankara to demand an explanation over a leak by Edward Snowden that Washington has spied intensively on Turkish leaders since 2006. Der Spiegel reported that as well as sharing intelligence with NATO partner Turkey, the United States and its ally Britain have been conducting extensive electronic surveillance on ...

Tags: Turkey summons US envoy over Snowden spying claims,  Nsa Latest News

AUG 29, 2014 - C-SPAN

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Consequences of Surveillance

Panelists talked about the political and public consequences of the National Security Agency's (NSA) domestic surveillance programs. Matthew Olsen, the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, defended the programs, saying they were crucial to U.S. efforts to fight ISIS*, but acknowledged the NSA must regain the public's trust through transparency. Laura Donahue, the director of Georgetown University's Center on National ...

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AUG 26, 2014 - Huffington Post

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HUFFPOST HILL - RIP Seamus #NationalDogDay

Republican candidate Jody Hice keeps sharing fake quotes by the founding fathers, reminding us of Benjamin Franklin's maxim, "Don't share fake quotes on Facebook, Jody Hice." The NSA has its own Google, ICReach, but it's really sucked since the forced integration with ICReach+. And Dan Sullivan shot a television in his latest campaign ad. The television will now be on ...

Tags: HUFFPOST HILL - RIP Seamus #NationalDogDay,  Nsa Latest News

AUG 22, 2014 - Business Insider

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Tor Director Claims Some Government Agents Are Secretly Helping Him, Undermining Intelligence Operations

The director of anonymous web network Tor says his team gets seems to get tips from government agents meant to undermine other government attempts to penetrate the network. "There are plenty of people in [the NSA or British intelligence agency GCHQ] who can anonymously leak data to us to say — maybe you should look here, maybe you should look at this to ...

Tags: Tor Director Claims Some Government Agents Are Secretly Helping Him, Undermining Intelligence Operations,  Nsa Latest News