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2 HOURS AGO - Huffington Post

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Dispatches From An Obamacare Slugfest

WASHINGTON -- Phil Kerpen confessed he was getting cold. The president of the conservative group American Commitment and prolific social media presence behind the lawsuit over Obamacare’s subsidy regime had been wandering outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday morning without long sleeves. The forecast predicted temperatures in the mid-40s. But Kerpen had shunned heavier clothing, wanting to show off a ...

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7 HOURS AGO - New York Times

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A Lawyer Taking Aim at the Health Care Act Gets a Supreme Court Rematch

Michael A. Carvin lost the first fight three years ago, when the justices ruled in favor of the Obama administration, but now he is taking another shot.

Tags: A Lawyer Taking Aim at the Health Care Act Gets a Supreme Court Rematch,  Health Care Latest News

7 HOURS AGO - Slate

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Will Kennedy Save Obamacare?

Something rather amazing happened during Wednesday’s Supreme Court oral arguments over King v. Burwell. The basics of the case are pretty straightforward. The challengers maintain that the law limits federal subsidies to health care exchanges “established by the State,” which is to say exchanges operated by state governments, not those operated by the federal government. The Obama administration maintains that ...

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7 HOURS AGO - New Yorker

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Did John Roberts Tip His Hand?

The Supreme Court oral argument on Wednesday in King v. Burwell featured thousands of words, dozens of provocative questions, two engaged and skillful lawyers—and one very striking silence. Chief Justice John Roberts, usually among the most active questioners on the court, scarcely said a word throughout the highly anticipated clash. The justices besieged Solicitor General Donald Verrilli and Michael Carvin, ...

Tags: Did John Roberts Tip His Hand?,  Health Care Latest News

8 HOURS AGO - Huffington Post

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The Supreme Court considered the case of King versus Burwell, which could have far reaching consequences on whether you let that rash be. The Senate failed to override President Obama’s Keystone XL pipeline veto, though the Constitution does allow for another option: running endless web ads with a smoky female voiceover about how the Keystone XL pipeline creates jobs. And ...

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