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>> TYPHOID FEVER Latest News

NOV 11, 2014 - Huffington Post

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Ebola's True Toll Is Still Untallied As Another Deadly Fever Looms

Dr. Ross Donaldson recalls traveling around the Sierra Leone city of Kenema a decade ago, "telling people not to eat rats." The multimammate rat, which is ubiquitous in sub-Saharan Africa, can carry a deadly hemorrhagic illness akin to Ebola, known as Lassa fever. Yet for many residents of the impoverished region, the animal remains a staple food. "From a foreign ...

Tags: Ebola's True Toll Is Still Untallied As Another Deadly Fever Looms,  Typhoid Fever Latest News

NOV 11, 2014 - Health Canal

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Typhoid gene unravelled

People who carry a particular type of gene have natural resistance against typhoid fever according to new research published in Nature Genetics.

Tags: Typhoid gene unravelled,  Typhoid Fever Latest News

NOV 10, 2014 - Yahoo! News

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Anti-typhoid gene found, may improve vaccines

Scientists said Monday they had found a variant of a gene that confers a near five-fold protection against typhoid fever, which kills millions of people each year. The discovery, that came from screening the genomes of hundreds of infected people and healthy controls in Vietnam and Nepal, may aid the development of better vaccines for typhoid and other bacterial diseases, ...

Tags: Anti-typhoid gene found, may improve vaccines,  Typhoid Fever Latest News