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DEC 17, 2014 - Huffington Post

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6 Diets With Serious Flaws

By Melaina Juntti for Men's Journal From Atkins to low-fat to paleo, there's always some sort of fad diet making waves. To the millions of Americans wanting to drop pounds and get healthier, these rigid, eat-this-not-that plans often seem like the hot ticket to a better body. But they usually backfire. Sometimes it's because they are bogus to begin with ...

Tags: 6 Diets With Serious Flaws,  Trans Fats Latest News

DEC 11, 2014 - Shape

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The 10 Fattiest Foods in America

Indulgent. Delicious. Sinful. The new season of Scandal? Nope, we’re talking about something even more provocative than Kerry Washington’s trembling lips. We’re talking about fat.Fat makes healthy food taste great. And in the form of healthy fats from nuts, olives, avocado, and fish, it even feeds your brain, protects your heart and trims your waistline. But too much of a good ...

Tags: The 10 Fattiest Foods in America,  Trans Fats Latest News

DEC 03, 2014 - Huffington Post

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Heart Disease And Diabetes Risks Tied To Carbs, Not Fat, Study Finds

By: Christopher Wanjek Published: 12/03/2014 01:41 AM EST on LiveScience Is the pendulum swinging back? In what seems contrary to mainstream dietary advice, a small new study shows that doubling the saturated fat in a person's diet does not drive up the levels of saturated fat in the blood. Rather, the study found that it was the carbohydrates in people's ...

Tags: Heart Disease And Diabetes Risks Tied To Carbs, Not Fat, Study Finds,  Trans Fats Latest News