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MAR 24, 2015 - Shape

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Is Maple Syrup the New Racing Fuel?

Corbis Images We’re entirely certain it improves upon pancakes, but could maple syrup also take your run to the next level? Sounds crazy, but it may actually be one of the best race fuels thanks to its ideal nutrient profile.“During exercise, our muscles use all of our stored glucose to fuel the activity. When it’s time to replenish those stores, ...

Tags: Is Maple Syrup the New Racing Fuel?,  Diet Recipes Latest News

MAR 10, 2015 - Prevention

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Meet The Writer Who Tried 14 Insane Celebrity Diets

dietingFoods for Weight Lossweight loss mistakesweight loss tipsWhat's it like to spend a week on the Master Cleanse, subsisting solely on spicy lemonade like Beyoncé once did? How would you feel if you chewed your food without swallowing, like Dolly Parton? And, perhaps, the bigger question: Why the hell would you want to find out? Consider your celebrity diet curiosity ...

Tags: Meet The Writer Who Tried 14 Insane Celebrity Diets,  Diet Recipes Latest News