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8 HOURS AGO - Chicago Tribune

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Is CrossFit right for you?

CrossFit gets almost as much hate as Nickelback, and neither appear to be going anywhere.

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9 HOURS AGO - Shape

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Are You Too Dependent on Your Workout Studio?

Getty Images Obsessing over an awesome fitness instructor or class is a fantastic motivator to exercise. When a particular yoga teacher or spin studio rocks your world, it's easier to say 'no' to after-work drinks or reschedule a date for your fave sweat sessions. But what happens when your dream trainer and/or class skip out on you?RELATED: New NYC Indoor ...

Tags: Are You Too Dependent on Your Workout Studio?,  Crossfit Latest News

SEP 14, 2014 - Philadelphia Inquirer

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Vets clear obstacles

Brendan Ferreira was in "the pit" for the 6th time Saturday afternoon - repeating an intense (insane?) 5-minute CrossFit workout - when a barbell slipped out of his only hand and crashed into his nose.

Tags: Vets clear obstacles,  Crossfit Latest News

SEP 10, 2014 - Huffington Post

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This Ancient Practice Destroys Every Excuse For Avoiding Exercise

With every year that passes, we get more information about the mental and physical benefits of exercise. But when it comes to actually lacing up those sneakers, it seems like there are a million roadblocks. It's too expensive, we're too old, we have the wrong body type, the wrong equipment and we certainly don't have enough time. Fortunately, there's an ...

Tags: This Ancient Practice Destroys Every Excuse For Avoiding Exercise,  Crossfit Latest News

SEP 06, 2014 - Washington Times

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A CrossFit star pushes good food over calories

DENVER (AP) - Denver personal trainer Emily Schromm, recently chosen by Women's Health magazine as the 2014 Next Fitness Star, is a latter-day Amazon. Tall, tanned and toned, she possesses a feline strength and confidence that make a winning combination in the CrossFit competitions that punctuate her calendar. ...

Tags: A CrossFit star pushes good food over calories,  Crossfit Latest News