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DEC 14, 2014 - Seattle Times

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How to manage holiday stress

Tips to help you enjoy the annual round of holiday parties, gift-giving, cooking and decorating.

Tags: How to manage holiday stress,  Cooking Tips Latest News

DEC 13, 2014 - Shape

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How to Make an Omelette

Making an omelette is sort of like getting back together with an ex. Sometimes it turns out great. And sometimes you’re left with an ugly mess that’s a serious fail.Improve those odds (on the egg front) by watching our newest video on how to make the perfect omelette. There’s no flipping involved—just a cool bang-and-roll technique to get your creation ...

Tags: How to Make an Omelette,  Cooking Tips Latest News

DEC 12, 2014 - Shape

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The Best Way to Clean a Blender

This might sound like a silly question, but do you really know how to clean your blender?(Dramatic pause... while you think about the daiquiri goo that's always stuck in the blades.)Yeah, we didn’t either. That’s why we created this short instructional video on how to clean a blender like a pro. Take a minute to watch it, then go back ...

Tags: The Best Way to Clean a Blender,  Cooking Tips Latest News