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FEB 26, 2015 - Prevention

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Grass-Fed Meat Is Absolutely Worth The Heftier Price, Says New Research

nutritionorganic foodNew research suggests you might want to shell out the extra dough for grass-fed or pasture-raised meats. A review in Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety found that grass-fed lamb is higher in polyunsaturated fats such as omega 3s—the heart healthy, anti-inflammatory kind—than meat from conventionally raised, grain-fed sheep.   According to study authors, being outside and feeding ...

Tags: Grass-Fed Meat Is Absolutely Worth The Heftier Price, Says New Research,  Cholesterol Latest News

FEB 26, 2015 - Time

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5 Things You Should Know About Cholesterol

Recent research shows no substantial relationship between the consumption of dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol levels

Tags: 5 Things You Should Know About Cholesterol,  Cholesterol Latest News

FEB 26, 2015 - Huffington Post

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6 Surprising Heart Attack Triggers

Some heart attack risk factors are common knowledge. The average person knows, for example, that obesity, diabetes and hypertension can lead to an increased risk. And behaviors like smoking and a sedentary lifestyle are well-known risk factors as well. But a third group of unusual, little known factors could put your heart at risk. Put your knowledge to the test ...

Tags: 6 Surprising Heart Attack Triggers,  Cholesterol Latest News

FEB 25, 2015 - Prevention

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7 Things Early Menopause Means For Your Health

menopauseGynecological Healthdiabetesheart healthBone HealthHormonal HealthAlzheimer's Diseasebreast cancercancerMenopause is, to put it politely, unpleasant. And while the average age at which most women experience the hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, and sleep problems (seriously, what exactly did women ever do to be so lucky?) is 51, it's possible for changes to begin much sooner. "There's a very wide range for ...

Tags: 7 Things Early Menopause Means For Your Health,  Cholesterol Latest News

FEB 24, 2015 - Shape

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Why Low-fat Foods Don’t Satisfy

Corbis Images When you bite into a low-fat ice cream bar, it may not just be the texture difference that leaves you feeling vaguely unsatisfied. You might actually be missing the taste of fat, says a recent study published in the journal Flavour. In the scientists' report, they argue that emerging evidence may qualify fat as the sixth flavor (the ...

Tags: Why Low-fat Foods Don’t Satisfy,  Cholesterol Latest News