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MAR 22, 2015 - San Francisco Chronicle

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'Why Acting Matters,’ by David Thomson

Acting matters since, if for no other reason, people watch acting several hours every day. Psychologists have told us since the 1950s that, with such an immersion in acted stories, nonactors inevitably model their behavior on what they see actors do. The film critic (and British-born San Franciscan) David Thomson takes us through history and personal experience to remind us ...

Tags: 'Why Acting Matters,’ by David Thomson,  King Kong Latest News

MAR 17, 2015 - Empire News

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Pixels Trailer Invades Our Screens

We're in an 8-bit of troubleWhat would you do if aliens interpreted examples of 1980s video games found in a space probe as a declaration of war? And sent giant versions of icons such as Pac Man and Donkey Kong to attack us? Clearly, you’d hire… Adam Sandler to defend the human race. Or at least, that’s what happens in ...

Tags: Pixels Trailer Invades Our Screens,  King Kong Latest News

MAR 16, 2015 - Popeater

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The Return Of The Movie Poster: How Illustrators Are Bringing Pop Culture Art Back

Most cinephiles and comic book fanatics know Mondo for its illustrated film posters, vinyls and toys. Based in Austin, Texas, the gallery and online store is famous for releasing limited edition, pop culture-inspired collectibles that fans race to purchase before they sell out, usually within hours. Beyond the Mondo swag, the company is also celebrated for showcasing a wealth of ...

Tags: The Return Of The Movie Poster: How Illustrators Are Bringing Pop Culture Art Back,  King Kong Latest News