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14 HOURS AGO - Zero Hedge

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Frontrunning: August 22

Ukraine accuses Russia of invasion after aid convoy crosses border (Reuters) Hunt for Foley’s Killer Spans Old Policing and Tech Tools (BBG) U.S. Probe Examines GM Lawyers (WSJ) Argentina accuses U.S. Judge Griesa of "imperialist" attitude (Reuters) Violence-weary Missouri town sees second night of calm (Reuters) Geneva Banks Break 200-Year Silence to Unveil Earnings (BBG) Richest Jailed Putin Foe Says ...

Tags: Frontrunning: August 22,  British Petroleum Latest News

AUG 20, 2014 - Zero Hedge

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Frontrunning: August 20

Ferguson at Turning Point After Night of Relative Calm (BBG) Gaza war rages on, Hamas says Israel tried to kill its military chief (Reuters) Surge in Putin Patriotism Masks Pain of Sanctions (BBG) Bank of England splits over rate hike for first time in 3 years (Reuters) Putin Meeting Leaves Kiev With Tough Choices (WSJ) European Gas Reverses Biggest Drop ...

Tags: Frontrunning: August 20,  British Petroleum Latest News

AUG 15, 2014 - Zero Hedge

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Frontrunning: August 15

Barack Obama's 'vacation from hell' (Politico) Russian aid convoy checked; military vehicles mass near Ukraine (Reuters) Ukraine Says APCs Entered From Russia to Aid Insurgents (BBG) Islamic State Said to Challenge Al-Qaeda for Leadership (BBG) Missouri protests calmer after governor puts black police captain in charge (Reuters) Finally someone will prove the US is a pyramid scheme (in a 1000 ...

Tags: Frontrunning: August 15,  British Petroleum Latest News

AUG 12, 2014 - Zero Hedge

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Frontrunning: August 12

Gunshots, tear gas in riots over shooting of black Missouri teen (Reuters) Russia sends big aid convoy to Ukraine, West sounds warnings (Reuters) Maliki Bid to Block Successor Escalates Crisis in Iraq (BBG) Poor German data pushes euro toward 9-month lows against dollar (Reuters) Derivatives Reincarnate Boosting Debt Wagers in New Era  (BBG) Israel Says No Gaza Talks Progress as ...

Tags: Frontrunning: August 12,  British Petroleum Latest News

AUG 11, 2014 - Newsday

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Ebola starts taking a toll on businesses

Caterpillar has evacuated a handful of employees from Liberia. Canadian Overseas Petroleum Ltd. has suspended a drilling project. British Airways has canceled flights to the region. ExxonMobil and Chevron are waiting to see whether health officials can contain the danger.

Tags: Ebola starts taking a toll on businesses,  British Petroleum Latest News