Are you currently using your employees as brand advocates? According to Mark Burgess the author of The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work, 90% of people don’t trust advertising, 78% of people trust recommendations from peers and word-of-mouth advertising is 10 times more powerful than traditional advertising.


imageMore and more companies are replying on employees, clients and other brand advocates to spread their message.

We suggest you watch Mark’s Ted Talk, The Rise of the Social Employee (video below.) You can also purchase Mark’s book here.

In this talk, Mark Burgess brings to our attention how employees, through social media, are changing how companies market to, and engage with, customers and prospects. With the transparency and opportunity for personal connections that social media offers, pushing fabricated, unauthentic sales pitches doesn’t work anymore. Instead, we are witnessing the rise of the social employee who creates a win/win proposition by leveraging their personal brands to build trust and increase the digital “surface area” of the brands for which they work. The result is nothing short of a revolution.