Are you currently emailing your employees to share company press releases, blog posts or other industry related content? More and more companies require or encourage their employees to share company news to their social networks, especially LinkedIn.

If you aren’t doing this, not only should you consider it but you should also be tracking the results and identifying which employees are your biggest influencers.

Comunitee was built to solve this problem. It will broadcast one consistent message, track the results and also embed Google Analytics.

How does it work?

Submit Your Company News to Comunitee


Your Employees Are Notified and Can Easily Share via Comunitee


Track the Results in Your Comunitee Dashboard




Track with Google Analytics

Each post you submit to Comunitee has Google Analytics code embedded that is unique to each of your brand advocates (employees.) This allows you to track your top performing brand advocates and see who directs the most traffic or conversions to your company website.


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