Step One: Share your recruit link with your brand advocates

Remember brand advocates can be employees, friends, family… basically anyone that would be willing to help spread your message.

This can be found on your Comunitee Dashboard. See image below.


Your brand advocates will see a page that looks something like this:


To edit the logo or messaging of this page visit your Comunitee Dashboard click on EDIT, see image below:


Step Two: Create your first post!

Remember this is why you created a Comunitee! You want to broadcast posts for your Comunitee to share for you!

You have two options to create a post on Comunitee:


OPTION ONE: Create Post with Link

With this option you can simply paste a link (URL) and click on NEXT. This will automatically extract the data and images for you. You will have the option to edit it on the next screen.

OPTION TWO: Create Manual Post

This is the self service option. Enter your title, description, link and image manually and on the next page you will see a preview for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


The next page will look something like this:


You have the option to edit the title, description and image. Here we suggest adding hashtags and Twitter handles on the Twitter preview! You can also prevent your brand advocates from sharing on certain social networks by simply turning them off.

Once you click on Create Post your brand advocates will be notified via email and text message about your new post. This is optional see below, simply uncheck these boxes if you do not want to notify your brand advocates.


We will cover the rest of the Dashboard in future posts!

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