In today’s ever changing world of marketing tricks and techniques understanding the best way to get the message out there is one of the hardest decisions many business owners face. However, with the power of social media building a network of advocates to help promote your company simply by sharing news and information you post can have huge returns at almost no cost to your company.

Building a network of brand advocates really can make any marketing job easier by empowering your clients and consumers to share online information with anyone in their social network. In fact, consumers are more likely to trust brand advocates than regular media ads.

As you look to build your network of brand advocates think about the fans you already have. How are you rewarding them for sharing news and information from your company’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages? With Comunitee you can easily see who is advocating on your behalf and thank them. Here are our Top 3 ways to THANK our brand advocates:

1. Special Shout Out’s – Most brand advocates love to be noticed. By simply creating a special post to thank them, they are encouraged to be “noticed” by you again.
2. Coupons and Discounts – Some of the best companies out there reward their brand advocates with free stuff or discounts.
3. Gift Cards – A quick $5 gift card thanking your best advocates is a fun way to show your advocates how much they mean to you.

What are some of your favorite ways to thank your brand advocates?

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